‘How Dumb You Look’ … ‘People Who Don’t Think Are Lazy and Fat’

People act like it’s a bad thing to think for yourself.  As if thinking is only for fat and lazy people who don’t want to get off their butt and do something.  As if thinking is doing nothing. But thinking is doing something.  Thinking is the definition of the thought process.  The thought process is … More ‘How Dumb You Look’ … ‘People Who Don’t Think Are Lazy and Fat’

Knowledge Is Power

Different social pathologies historically from different cultures around the world. Chinese – Confucius Southern European – Jesus Arab – Muhammad East Indian – Buddha Egyptian – Osiris Northern European – Norman Invasion Knowledge is power. Inspired by Foucault and his ‘discursive regularities’ found in The Archaeology of Knowledge, I have connected different social pathologies historically … More Knowledge Is Power

You See …

I don’t get it.  Hillary stole the presidential nomination from Bernie the same way Trump stole the election from Hillary.  You reap what you sew!  It is past time that the Hillary camp own up to her fraudulent nomination and admit that the DNC did nobody any favors by continuing to nominate Hillary, despite voters’ … More You See …

Race Works

White privilege. What is that? The concept that because of my skin color I’m predisposed to preferential treatment? Preferential treatment from who? Other whites? Blacks? Well, let’s just answer to the idea that I’m not white, even though for all intents and purposes my looks say otherwise. Since I’m not white, but look white, do … More Race Works