For the Holidays

Yes, technically, there is no God … on Earth at least. God exists on Earth only as represented through people who choose to follow His path in faith, peace, and love. And this debate on the Bible … its truth or fiction. Believing the Bible completely literally all the way through defeats the purpose of reading the Book. It’s like reading the Kemetic Book of the Dead and then wondering why it is a book of prayer. And really, Catholicism is based loosely on Kemetics, possibly because the light of Jesus was the same as the light of the Kemetic trinity of Auset, Ausar, and Heru. The difference, as naysayers of religion say, was location.

The purpose of the Bible is to teach us how life sucks and we have to deal with it to live. I mean, I see no harm in teaching people that life can be less cruel, not necessarily through lies, but different interpretations of nature which ultimately lead to different truths about the same nature. This is why Kemetics and Catholicism are similar. Obviously, Kemetic science has an element of afterlife in it; Catholicism has this same element. Other philosophies and religions focus on what we do right now, today, the historical present and how it is going to affect us in the future. These other philosophies and religions have a behavior-based approach to dealing with nature. The theory is that if we act a certain way, we will achieve certain results. This cannot necessarily be true. We are as different atomically as every molecule of gas in this universe; how can one standard be applied evenly and equally to such a diverse structure of nature?

I don’t need to answer this question for myself, because I believe like I said … ‘There is no God on Earth.’ This doesn’t mean I don’t believe in God. It means I understand myself. I know how far I can know something, and I know God just enough to be content with this level of knowledge. Just like how I know that we don’t even know if the Bible’s authors meant the Bible as a historical text or a literary text. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Bible is ‘based on a true story?’


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