Race Works

White privilege. What is that? The concept that because of my skin color I’m predisposed to preferential treatment? Preferential treatment from who? Other whites? Blacks?

Well, let’s just answer to the idea that I’m not white, even though for all intents and purposes my looks say otherwise. Since I’m not white, but look white, do I have white privilege? It seems like I have the opposite of white privilege. I’m the minority of a minority. How much deeper into the race hole can anybody get? I’m not even sure that I could ‘pass’ around white people. I don’t even know who white people are. I don’t know who black people are either, but I’ve been around them and a lot of them think I’m white. Why would a black person think I’m white if I’ve already told them I’m black? Is that white privilege?

White people have white privilege because they’re white. They know they’re white and they accept that they’re white. Black people don’t have white privilege because black people are black. They know they’re black and they accept that they’re black. I’m not sure if I grew up in a cave in Illinois by Lake Michigan, but if I’m not mistaken, I’ve seen black privilege too; while everybody is mad about white privilege, they act like other races don’t have privileges too. That’s the problem with race; we forget that people who don’t look like us have issues too, and a lot of the time they are the same issues just inside another race. There are white people who don’t have white privilege because they’re white, they know it, and they accept it. What’s the privilege of having rich people convince poor people that the poor people are stupid and better off under the care of the rich people? Now, outside the race the picture might look different, and it should. Because within the black race there is black privilege that white people don’t see. Ironically, it works the same way as it does for white people; rich black people convince poor black people that the poor black people are stupid and better off under the care of the rich black people. It’s all slavery one way or another. And despite its potential faults and flaws, only a change in economy from capitalism to something else will change this. Reality is like this with the rich and poor because money has power attached to its possession. The money itself is not power, and if more people think about this and realize this, then it will be a better chance that the economic system will change and afford everybody the same opportunities at dignity, promise, and prosperity. We might not all be living on yachts, but at least we will all be living.

Scientifically, white privilege comes from the old 3/5 law that a lot of people seem to still believe unfortunately. Of course, there is the possibility that some of us are not from Earth, but in the context of the discussion, if you are born a human being, then you are a human being. Just like being black. If you are born black, then you are black. It doesn’t change. Your skin might lighten or darken from sun exposure or disease, but you are always that combination of genes and traits that makes you black. It occurs to me that for every white person receiving white privilege, there is a black person receiving black privilege. And for every white person who thinks black people are 3/5 of a human being, there is a black person who thinks worse of a white person or white people as a whole.

Technically, nobody has changed over the course of human history. White people are still exploring the world and colonizing other cultures, black people are still fighting each other, and everybody else is civilized and wondering why the two races have so much animosity toward each other that they cannot reconcile their differences and cooperate for the progression of society. It would be nice and easy if we could say and admit that race isn’t real and doesn’t exist. If it isn’t race though it will be something else. It probably was something else a long time ago and whatever it was it got covered up by the concept of race. Which is why I don’t understand a lot of the science of today. Science says we are all alike and race doesn’t or shouldn’t matter, but if that’s the case, then we don’t need science because what it says and does shouldn’t or doesn’t matter. Right? Science is the study of categorization, classification, and experimentation. And that is really all there is to it. So when science says that its wrong and it shouldn’t be here, its suicide is a crucible on society. How will we function? How will we be able to maintain a civilization without classification? Because everything we do, from birth to death, is classified. Birth is classified. Death is classified. Everything in between birth and death is classified. Our world we live in is rich and prosperous. There are beautiful wonders and marvels we have created and achieved, and they should not have to perish under the hand of human regression. Classification is a staple to socialization. Progressed and progressive socialization leads to elite civilizations of people. To begin to speak against classification is to begin the death of our species. We have to have classification to survive. Without it there will be no life.


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