Time, Poverty, and God

Time is created for theatrics.  Don’t judge me because I’m not entertaining you.  I shouldn’t have to entertain you for you to see the value of my worth.


We should fight to eliminate poverty as hard as we fight against climate change and saving the animals.  We have to reduce poverty to the point of extinction.  If we can save animal species, then why can’t we save the human species?


I would like to speak to you, reader, on a second-person level.  Can I ask you a question?  Do you believe in God?  Are you religious at all?  Oh, okay, because we can believe in God and not be religious.  I’m religious but I don’t go to church.  Well I do, but my idea of church is different from others.  Do you think there’s anything wrong with that?  I don’t get how atheists always degrade religious people, but as soon as religious people start trying to give them the Spirit, they start talking about believing in invisible sky people.  So why is it okay for them to degrade the religious, but it’s not okay for the religious to tell them they are wrong?  Even if I say ‘they need to change their thinking,’ they’re not going to hear me saying they need to be more open-minded and accepting.  They are going to hear me say, ‘you should think like I do,’ but that’s not right, that’s not what I’m saying.  I’m saying to them, ‘look, you’re not the only one on this planet, so regard me with humanity as I regard you.’  It’s not a belief.  It’s a principle way to develop a civilization.  Why should anybody want to stop the development of a civilization?  My favorite word I learned in college is the word ‘counterintuitive.’  It means working against your own consciousness and best interests.  It’s in everybody’s best interests to invest in developing the human civilization, so why not do it?


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