‘Hip hop is life’

I listen to rap music.  I’ll take a wild guess that there’s something about it that I like.  Because I generally tend not to spend time with things I don’t like.  I’ve been consciously listening to rap music for a few years, but really not that long.  I listened to pop, R&B, and house music when I was real little.  But in 1988 I discovered NWA.  It was an uphill battle from then on, to figure out what the hell I was listening to.


Even though I’ve written about rap before (look at rap posts under categories Our Own Ideas on Rap, Talking Music, Word Expression), I think it would be interesting if I revisit the topic.  I’m thinking about how hip hop isn’t rap, but rap is hip hop.  Hip hop is something we are by being culturally influenced by the struggle of the people who started it.  Rap is something we do and anybody can do it without necessarily being hip hop.  Rap came from hip hop, so when we rap, we are using an art form created out of hip hop.  When we are hip hop, we are part of an urban American artistic subculture.  Hip hop is artistic because it is expressive.  It expresses the lifestyles and experiences of people tired of oppression and injustice.  Rap is entertainment.  Hip hop is not entertainment.  Hip hop is life.


2 thoughts on “‘Hip hop is life’

    1. Thank you for your comment Steven. I have listened to Nas before, although I admit it has been a while … every now and again I have to play ‘It Ain’t Hard to Tell’ though, because to me, it’s one of those universal, timeless classics. Thanks again for your comment.


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