Please Excuse the Frustration …

I made a blog post on here about how I felt stifled in my education, and how I would rather be doing something other than what I am doing, professionally.  After processing the recently passed calendar year of 2016, I have come to the realization that I like what I am doing, and I like the direction my career has taken.  I am doing everything I like to do – reading, writing, studying different cultures, and helping people.  One issue I have come across though, is my inability to make people understand me.

I often find myself wondering why people rarely understand what I say when I talk.  I was diagnosed as bipolar with psychotic features, and borderline personality disorder.  So I wonder if my inability to communicate comes from mental illness, or if I just do not know how to talk to people.

But, I am enjoying the way my career is playing out and developing, especially since I might possibly be receiving a master’s degree a year from the end of spring 2017 semester.  I think I could take advantage of having earned a master’s degree and founded a nonprofit organization at the same time.  This experience is giving me everything I wanted, and very unexpectedly too.  So, please excuse my dissatisfaction I expressed in the earlier post about my career path.  I am finding out that I do enjoy what I do.

I was just thinking about socioeconomic status and how it is related to the organization I am in the process of founding.  Even though socioeconomic status is often talked about in the unreal sciences of the social sciences, socioeconomic status is a very real thing.  It almost seems to escape definition because of how complicated it is to understand.

The organization I am in the process of founding deals with the problems and conflicts that happen to people because of their socioeconomic status.  The appendices of the business plan I wrote for the organization revolve around arguments, supported by research, that the solutions to legal injustice and income inequality are available, and that when these two problems are solved, other problems, like racism and sexism, will be on target to be solved as well.  Dealing with legal injustice and income inequality directly relates to the organization helping solve those problems and conflicts that can arise as a result of socioeconomic status.  Legal injustice is a social problem, and income inequality is an economic problem.  Both problems together represent the core of how our capitalist society punishes those of us with low socioeconomic status.

It’s not like Karl Marx codified human rights violations into the theory of the system of communism.  Human rights violations are relative; brutality is primordial.  This is the purpose of the existence of Catholicism – to show us that there is evil and treachery in the world, but that it is finite and can be defeated – and the reason that the Bible was written.

Yes, it is a western, Judeo-Christian heritage, because the people from a certain population on the globe recorded its history, and others have followed this particular heritage for as long as time as we know it.  Other populations around the globe have other heritages that do not necessarily reflect the humility and posterity found in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  But, no matter where we are from, we do not necessarily have to clash and start wars of the worlds.  We can meet on common ground, and develop a cooperative relationship from there.  Because life, no matter what the heritage of it is, will be oppressive for all in some respect.  It is easier to overcome oppression cooperatively, than have to deal with natural oppression and also fight wars with people from neighboring heritages.


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