‘How Dumb You Look’ … ‘People Who Don’t Think Are Lazy and Fat’

People act like it’s a bad thing to think for yourself.  As if thinking is only for fat and lazy people who don’t want to get off their butt and do something.  As if thinking is doing nothing.

But thinking is doing something.  Thinking is the definition of the thought process.  The thought process is a sign that your brain is working.  And if your brain is working, then you are doing something.

Despite opinions to the contrary, always doing something without thinking about what you’re doing is useless and doesn’t make any sense.  People act like being a mindless cog in a wheel is a good thing.  Being a mindless cog in a wheel is not a good thing.  The good thing is that everybody has a brain they can use to think.  It’s a fundamental equality we all have that we all have brains.  Brains are used to make sense out of the world.  You don’t make sense if you don’t use your brain.  And the only way to use your brain is to think.

People who don’t think are lazy and fat.  People who don’t think are fake, because its not like we don’t know that they have a brain.  We know they have a brain to think for themselves, but they choose not to think.  It is lazy to let other people think for you.  And not thinking for yourself is a burden to society.  Not thinking weighs down heavily onto those who are thinking, meaning that always acting and never thinking makes you mentally fat.  You have excess weight in your mind that you can only remove by thinking.  And on top of being mentally fat, you don’t make sense either.

Does it even occur to you that not making sense is bad for you and your environment?  You will do nothing more than prove you are a dumb fraud by letting other people think for you, and following what other people do is the original dumb fraud sin.  It makes no sense to do what others do, because you are not the people you are copying.  And by copying people, you are pretending to be something you are not.  That’s dumb and that makes a person a fraud.  And it also kills the environment, because you are not thinking of anything constructive to do.  You are copying what’s already been done by somebody else, and since you are not thinking about it, you don’t know how dumb you look.


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