Knowledge Is Power

Different social pathologies historically from different cultures around the world. Chinese – Confucius Southern European – Jesus Arab – Muhammad East Indian – Buddha Egyptian – Osiris Northern European – Norman Invasion Knowledge is power. Inspired by Foucault and his ‘discursive regularities’ found in The Archaeology of Knowledge, I have connected different social pathologies historically … More Knowledge Is Power

For the Holidays

Yes, technically, there is no God … on Earth at least. God exists on Earth only as represented through people who choose to follow His path in faith, peace, and love. And this debate on the Bible … its truth or fiction. Believing the Bible completely literally all the way through defeats the purpose of … More For the Holidays

The Truth about Science

I am resting Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, and am picking back up The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge by Jean-Francois Lyotard. The following thoughts are inspired by Lyotard, pages 23-41, sections 7-11. Is scientific knowledge the metanarrative of narrative knowledge? Or is narrative knowledge the metanarrative of scientific knowledge? Because while explicitly stating the … More The Truth about Science

My Psychiatric Distress: I’m Crazy, but I Can’t Be Sane!

I live a psychotic life. I pace the floor and smoke cigarettes. I browse my library and read short passages from random books. I didn’t want to dress like a boy and I still don’t. I was poor growing up and I still am. I would work but it’s not possible right now. All that … More My Psychiatric Distress: I’m Crazy, but I Can’t Be Sane!